Weltevreden Park is a dynamic suburb, and Panorama primary school offers the community an institution where quality education is consistent and prime.
Panorama Primary currently holds 1 200 learners. We start from Grade R and end at Grade 7. Panorama offers a variety of extramural activities to suit any individual learner and provides many platforms for them to grow.


We will endeavour to nurture our pupils to help them develop to the best of their ability to their best ability in their formative years, to direct their growing minds towards higher ideals, and to foster in each individual the obligation of good citizenship.


Providing both a classroom and external environment that is conducive to the all-round education of our pupils. Instilling and maintaining the highest level of professionalism amongst our Educators. Instilling a sense of pride and high level of ethics amongst staff and pupils both within and outside the classroom.


“As the current Principal, I would like to welcome any child from any background to join in our Panorama School family. Our number one goal is to educate and offer every opportunity to each child so that they may start their lives off with the best education and skills that there are”


Frequently Asked Questions

School & Leisure wear in Heathway centre or the school's swop shop.
Cheryl Hendricks
A maximum of 40 can school's in a class
Follow the correct channels- first the register Teacher then if not resolved the Departmental head then if it's not resolved a Deputy Principal.
Write in your child's diary as this is the number one way our Teachers communicate.
Monday to Thursday • Grade R - 7:30 to 12:45 • Grade 1 & 2 -7:30 to 13:05 • Grade 3 - 7:30 to 13:30 • Grade 4 to 7 – 7:30 to 13:45 Friday • Grade R - 7:30 to 12:45 • Grade 1 & 2 -7:30 to 12:50 • Grade 3 - 7:30 to 13:15 • Grade 4 to 7 – 7:30 to 13:45
1st Break 9:40 -10:00 2nd Break 12:00 - 12:15
Download the PPS application form from the website, fill in and add the relevant documents. Visit the school to hand in all documents. There will be a R2000 application fee that is deducted from the school fees.

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