NOTE: Placement of learners is NOT on a first come, first served basis.  Placement is Prioritised according to the following criteria:
1.  Home address with the school’s feeder zone
2.  Sibling at the school
3.  Work address within the school’s feeder zone
4.  Home address within 30km 
5.  Home address beyond 30km 

Please see our feeder zone map here.

GRADE 1 2025: Opening 15 June 2024 08H00 and Closing 21 July 2024 at Midnight.  
•  Applications are to be made ONLINE, (
• Parents can apply for a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of five (5) schools.
a) Children who will be turning seven (7) in 2024, and who are not already at school, MUST enrol for Grade 1.
b) Children turning six (6) before 30 June 2024 MAY enrol for Grade 1.
c) Current Grade R learners attending Panorama Primary are not guaranteed placement at Panorama for Grade 1. Parents are to apply online for Grade 1.

GRADE R AND GRADE 2 – 7 2025: Opening 15 June 2024 at 08h00, Closing 28 July 2024
Manual application  to be made at the school.

Grade R applications remain open until further notice. 
Grade 2 -7 "LATE" applications open 7 August 2024 at 08h00

All required certified documentation (see below) to be submitted within 7 days of application.
• Supplying of false/fraudulent documentation will affect your application and could lead to legal action being taken by the SGB.

• Admission of Non-South African Citizens will be handled in line with the relevant immigration legislation. Foreign applicants are to produce original Work, Study, Refugee or Asylum Seeker Permits.
We do not make photocopies. Therefore, kindly have copies made and certified, or produce copies with the original documentation.
• Applications that are incomplete or submitted without ALL the required documentation will not be accepted or allocated a reference/waiting list number.
• No expired documentation will be accepted.

• Foster parents/Legal guardians - LEGAL documentation is required to support their status.

Grade R – 7 Document Requirements (Incomplete/uncertified/incorrect documentation will not be accepted).

1. Completed and signed Application form (original).
2. 2 x Certified copies of the learner’s Birth Certificate (All new learners).
3. 2 x Certified copies of learner’s passport and study visa, asylum seeker permit or refugee status (immigrants only).
4. 2 x Certified copies of both parents’ / legal Guardians’ Identity Documents.
5. 2 x Certified copies of both parents’ / legal Guardians’ Passports (immigrants).
6. 2 x Certified copies of the parents’/ legal Guardians’ Visa, Resident/Asylum Seeker/ Refugee permit /s (immigrants only).
7. 2 x Certified copies of Legal documentation. In the case of foster parents / Legal guardians.
8. 2 x Certified copies of Clinic card with 6-year-old booster done. (Grade 1 only).
9. 2 x Certified copies of Proof of Home address (street address not older than 3 months) in Parents’ / legal Guardians’ name.
If renting, please supply a certified copy of your lease agreement OR an affidavit from your landlord, a copy of landlord’s ID and rates/municipal account.  All applicants.
10. 2 x copies of Proof of work address for both parents/legal guardians (on a company letterhead) from employer showing proof of work address.
11. 2 x Certified copies of Divorce and Maintenance Agreement (if applicable)
12. 2 x Certified copies of most recent report (Grade 1 to 7).
13. Transfer Card. (On acceptance of learner to Panorama Primary School). Grade 2-7 (all applicants) and Grade 1 placed during the year.

GRADE 8 (Public High schools): Opening 15 June 2024 08H00 and Closing 14 July 2024 at Midnight.  Subject to the e-admissions system being stress-tested.
Applications are to be made ONLINE, (
•  Full guidelines on how to use the online system will be found on the GDE website.
•  Please contact the High Schools directly for information.

• Having a child already attending Panorama, does not automatically guarantee admission of a sibling (brother or sister).
• The fact that you “live/work around the corner from the school”, does not guarantee admission.
• Parents are advised to make application on time, to avoid disappointment and unnecessary frustration.
• The Principal and/or the admissions staff will not be held responsible for Parents’ procrastination (which may result in the non-placement of a learner) in the admissions process.
• Applications are to be made by the parent/legal guardian (in the case of a “legal guardian”, LEGAL proof is required).
• Grades R and 2 – 7. Once all the required documents are received, applicants will be placed on the relevant waiting list and issued with a school reference number.

Application Forms

Grade R and 2-7 2025
Application Form

School Fees

School Fees

School Banking Details:
Bank: ABSA 
Account Number: 1080430384
Branch Code: 632005
Please use school fee account number as reference.
R16 700.00 (2024)
Per Annum Per Child
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